DOPFunk – Truman Instrumental ALBUM

  • Bassam – Du fragst dich jeden Tag
  • Bassam – Mein Geld [Nate Dogg Tribute]
  • Bassam – Roll den Blunt [ft. HKL und SWF]
  • Bassam – Truman [ft. Sehrer]
  • Hard Knock Life Interlude
  • Bassam – We are one [ft. Don Feymez]
  • Bassam – Welt haben [ft. Sehrer]
  • Bassam – Bist du da
  • Bassam – Ein Tag [ft. Sehrer]

Not included (Exclusive license sold):

  • Bassam – Reinfall [ft. Jiggie Small]

The instrumentals from my latest Album “Truman”. All tracks included except for number 11, which is produced by DJ DOC. All beats are free for non-commercial use only. If you use any of my instrumentals, feel free to shoot me a link – I would love to check it out!

To purchase licenses for the included beats, just shoot me an e-mail or contact me through social media.

Format: 320kbit/s MP3